We are very lucky at City Pets to work, almost exclusively, with local bird breeders! Our cockatiels come from one of our very own employees, allowing us to hand feed and raise them in house! We work with them from birth to get them accustomed to being around people and handle them daily!

We regularly have in finches, parakeets, and canaries as well as a few smaller parrots we get from a KCMO breeder. If you have any questions regarding birds feel free to stop in or call! We are very lucky to be able to interact daily with these amazing creatures and work to learn their personalities as well as their specific needs and care.

As of today we currently have these birds for sale:

  • Society Finches
  • Zebra Finches
  • Spice Finches
  • Parakeets (mixed colors and sexes)
  • Yellow Canaries
  • Sun Conure
  • Green Cheek Conures
  • Cockatiels (Juvenile)

Check back often!  We will be getting new handfed babies as space allows!