Dog & Cat Foods

Feeding your dog or cat a healthy, nutritious diet is just about the best thing you can do to ensure his health and longevity. We are proud to carry a great selection of foods for every size, shape, and palate! Click on the food brand names below for more information from each company’s respective website.


Taste of the Wild is our best seller! This food is a GREAT quality, low-cost alternative to Wellness’ Core diet. Taste of the Wild uses unique protein sources and is grain-free, making it a WONDERFUL alternative for pets with poultry, beef, wheat, or other allergies – or for those pets with selective taste! Taste of the Wild is also an all-stages diet, meaning you can feed if from kitten/puppy to senior!  This makes it perfect for those multi-pet homes with pets of all ages.  Plus, Taste of the Wild is competitively priced! It is available in 5, 15, and 30 pound bags. We also carry Taste of the Wild’s canned food selections for dogs and cats!  NEW!  Taste of the Wild Puppy! Taste of the Wild Puppy is the same great quality food that you have come to love but formulated specifically for puppies and with DHA added.  It comes in two flavors: High Prairie and Pacific Stream.


Wellness is our best-selling holistic pet food! This is the pet food you feed when you can’t be cooking for them everyday! We carry Wellness’ dog and cat food in dry kibble and canned varieties. We also carry Wellness’ Core diet for dogs and cats, which is grain-free and does not contain corn, soy, or wheat – great for dogs with allergies to these food products. Call in ahead of time to make sure your diet and size is available!

nutro natural

A great quality food at a good price! We have an extensive selection of Nutro’s Natural Choice line in canine and feline formulas. We also carry Nutro Ultra for dogs, and a wide variety of Nutro Natural Choice Cat.  Nutro Natural Choice Lamb & Rice dog food is a best-seller! Canned diets are also available in addition to dry kibble (available in bag sizes 5, 17.5, and 35lbs). Call in ahead of time to make sure your diet and size is available!


There’s nothing as tried and true as Science Diet! Trusted for decades, Science Diet’s appeal is its consistency. Formula changes are few and far between with this food and there are folks out there who will feed their pet nothing but. There are no surprises with this high-quality food. There are many, many formulas of Science Diet available, and while we only stock a few we would be more than happy to special order the exact formula and size you need.  Please call in ahead of time to make sure your diet and size is available!

(City Pets is not licensed to carry Science Diet Prescription Diet foods. We recommend you purchase these from your veterinarian.)

We are also able to special-order Merrick, Blue Buffalo, Canidae and Felidae and many other foods by request.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask!  We are more than happy to do special orders.  We stock Merrick canned dog foods and Tiki-Cat canned cat foods regularly.