Feeder Animals

We have several options when it comes to feeder animals here at City Pets! Whether you have a snake, bearded dragon, or some piranhas we can help you get what you need!
Feel free to call regarding the availability of any of our feeders or for questions on prices!

Feeder Fish
Large Feeder Goldfish (2″)
Small Feeder Goldfish (1″)
Rosey Red Minnows (1-2″)

Currently OUT OF STOCK 
Ghost Shrimp (1/2-3/4″, great for saltwater fish and puffers)
Feeder Guppies (1/4-3/4″, perfect for small fish-eaters and saltwater fish)

Large Crickets (3/4″)
Medium Crickets (1/2″)
Small Crickets (1/4″)

Superworms (2″, no refrigeration)
Waxworms (1″, soft-bodied, refrigerate)
Nightcrawlers (3-4″, refrigerate)
Red Wigglers (1-2″, refrigerate)

Due to some issues with our supplier’s mealworms we are unable to get them in currently. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Giant Mealworms (1 1/2″, refrigerate)
Mealworms (1″, refrigerate)

We recommend calling ahead to check the availability of our feeder rodents.

Frozen and Live:
Adult Mice
Hopper Mice
Fuzzy Mice
Pinky Mice

Frozen and Live:
Jumbo Rat
Large Rat
Medium Rat
Small Rat

Rat Pups
Jumbo Mice

Our mice are supplied by a local breeder we work one-on-one with. His focus is on maintaining a humane breeding practice, supplying a healthy product, and always keeping in mind the well being of the mice. We work to keep all our animals in the best care possible, even if they may become someone’s dinner.

Adult feeder mice are readily available at all times. Fridays are the best days to pick up Pinkies and Fuzzies, our delivery arrives Thursdays night. Call ahead for size availability!