Freshwater Fish

We have a nice selection of freshwater fish at City Pets from all parts of the world. Barbs and Gouramis from Asia, Tetras from the Amazon, Cichlids from South America and Africa, Rainbow fish from Australia, and many more species and varieties. We try to keep a good selection of fish in the store, but if we don’t have that specific fish you are looking for, please ask us about our special orders!

Some of the fish we currently have as of today include:


  • Fancy Goldfish: Red Cap Oranda, Calico Fantail

We stock our pond fish seasonally, usually through late spring into early fall. Feel free to call to check on availability.

  • Koi (normal and butterfly)
  • Comets (Sarassa, other mixed varieties)


  • Tetras:  Congo, White Skirt, Diamond, Black Skirt (probably more that I can’t think of!)
  • Barbs: Gold, Cherry, Tiger (normal, albino and green)
  • Algae Eaters: Common Plecostomus (“algae eater”), Chinese Algae Eater, Otocinclus
  • Gourami: Blue,  Gold, Dwarf
  • Mollies: Silver, Black,  Balloon
  • Platies: Mickey Mouse, Sunburst,  Assorted others
  • Guppies: Mixed varieties
  • Swordtails: Neon, Brick
  • Snails: Mystery, Trapdoor


  • Albino Tiger Oscar (~8″ Juvenile)
  • Baby Tiger Oscars (Regular and Albino)
  • Firemouths
  • Assorted Zebras (Pseudotropheus sp.)
  • Assorted Peacocks (Aulonocara sp.)
  • Yellow Labidochromis